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AIRFA Membership

AIRFA supports a network of risk and fraud management specialist members, who have agreements with AIRFA covering mutual cooperation and the support of the goals of its membership and AIRFA. Use of the AIRFA logo by individual members should be accompanied by a short text such as 'member of AIRFA' or similar.

It should be noted that the use of the AIRFA logo on any website owned or operated by a member of AIRFA is not an endorsement of the content of that website, any persons operating with or for the member or any actions or transactions carried out by that member, but rather a reflection of the working relationship and collaboration between the two organisations.

Any communication related to the website of an AIRFA member itself should be directed to the AIRFA member in question.

Appearance of the AIRFA name, acronym or logo on any organisation's website (including AIRFA members) - either with or without permission - does not imply the endorsement of that organisation's work, its products or services. 

AIRFA maintains a full list of its risk professional members, available upon request, but AIRFA does not guarantee or act as an accreditation body for its members.

Please address any complaints regarding our members to