AIRFA, Association of Independent Risk & Fraud Advisors - Constitution


The statutes of this Association are:
  • To abide by the laws of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • To abide by the Association’s formal Code of Conduct for operation of the business of facilitating a network of fraud and risk management professionals.
  • To adopt the procedures as laid down by the Association.
  • To abide by the Association's formal complaints and disciplinary procedure.
  • To abide by the Association's administration procedure.


  1. To be the voice of independent fraud and risk management consultants in whichever jurisdiction they operate.

  2. To increase awareness of risk and fraud management practices to members, and through them to their clients, their employees, regulators, government and the media

  3. To represent the interests of its paid-up members, increase the awareness and skills of AIRFA members across the industry and with their prospective clients.

  4. To implement and uphold best practices and a code of conduct amongst AIRFA members.

  5. To disseminate risk management best practices to non-members, commercial organisations, regulators, government and the media

  6. To develop and engage with other related professional bodies and non-profit making organisations in the future development of the Association.

A more detailed version of the constitution can be found at Companies House.