Welcome to the Association of Independent Risk & Fraud Advisors.

AIRFA was created in 2013 by two veterans of the financial services industry, Bill Trueman and Kevin Smith, who between them have nearly 50 years of hands-on strategy development, management and operational experience, proven innovation, product development and thought leadership in and across a fast evolving and global business environment.

They, and other members of AIRFA, have management and leadership backgrounds in:
  • Merchant retailing

  • Retail banking

  • Insurance

  • Management consultancy

  • Card issuance and processing

  • Merchant acquiring, management and processing

  • Third party solution providers

  • Domestic payment systems

  • International card scheme management

  • Recruitment, training and people development.

Like other AIRFA members, Bill and Kevin work with many organisations across various sectors, either together, separately, or collectively with others. Always, the aim is to improve risk management functions by improving losses, improving awareness within the business of risks, losses and fraud and how to manage these and also how to apply controls and best practices. Compliance, regulation and plain ‘doing the right thing’ are all important; commercial success, positive public relations image, improved sales, profitability, margins and the overall product planning for the future are also key deliverables as again these must have ’risk thinking built in by design’.

What does AIRFA achieve?

AIRFA was formed to help businesses find the right risk management skills and expertise, and to help those with the right skills to come together and help one another. As independent specialists, Bill and Kevin recognised their own strengths, but also their deficiencies and gaps in knowledge – but know people who can fill these gaps and who have specific or complementary skills, knowledge and experience. These are the people that they can find within AIRFA.

Equally, the need for independent risk and fraud specialists, with a wide and varied background and experience is valuable to regulators, government, technology developers and solution providers, innovation centres, payment systems, financial service organisations and even other specialists; and AIRFA provides specialist knowledge and skills to advise many parties across Europe and globally. In particular, AIRFA members fulfil media enquiries and act as a body to provide direction in government bodies and legislative direction in many areas of interest.

AIRFA addresses two key development and industry engagement challenges:
  • Putting the right people in touch with each other for their clients’ and their own commercial successes, and

  • Ensuring the risk and fraud management ‘voice’ is available and heard in an ever-faster, evolving and complex payments world.
If you are an independent fraud and/or risk management specialist making enquires about AIRFA or wishing to join the network, then please request further details

If you are a business, organisation, Government department or other interested party seeking access specialist and independent fraud and risk management resources, then please contact AIRFA

AIRFA Reprentation?

Ensuring risk management considerations are heard
With AIRFA having access to such a broad network of fraud and risk management professionals with skills and expertise across many business areas, operational activities, technologies and new innovation, this network can and does provide an educated, valued and independent voice.

It provides opinion and commentary on current, emerging and future developments within the payments world, but making sure that risk considerations are aired and appropriately discussed alongside broader business, commercial and regulatory challenges.

AIRFA members provide:
  • Media spokespersons

  • Specific commentary on news items and articles

  • By-lined articles

  • Key individuals within businesses for specific interviews and comment/quotes

  • Press releases

  • More detailed commentary on specific issues, challenges, innovation or industry development.
If you are in the media looking for independent views on the risk and/or fraud challenges, issues and developments today or in the future, then please contact AIRFA


AIRFA is a membership organisation registered at companies house under registration No: 8750340. Its registered address is: Langwood House, 63-81 High Street, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 1EQ

Our members and officers are engaged with, members of or associated with many businesses, forums and associations including:

Joining AIRFA

Please contact us, we should be delighted to hear from you. Write to us at: membership @ AIRFA . net

Partners and Associates of AIRFA

We work closely with and/or have memberships or associations with the following organisations through our members:
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